Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dave GT Pond - A day filled with KBL!

 First Fish of the Day

 Queensland Grouper


After learning of the marvellous CR by my kakis (where almost one live tilapia equals one GT), I starting asking my pals to try out the pond. Few days later, we headed down to the pond with high hopes of landing multiple GT. Live bait were pre-booked through Dave himself as I was warned that there was a limited supply of live bait.(Rough gauge is to get $10 worth of live tilapia per pax)

There was a take on the live bait within seconds of it touching the water. However I failed to set hook as I wasn't really prepared for it. Soon my pal started to land a sizeable KBL. After multiple attempts to set hook successfully, I landed a sizeable MJ.(No picture taken)  Minutes later, a medium sized queensland grouper was landed. 

After that it was Kims all the way till the session ended.  As we were packing up, we were told that the GT are more attractive in the afternoon. Hopefully will be back again in the afternoon to hunt for the GT!

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